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Taiwan pointed out that the street light standards

Datetime: 2014-8-30 11:14:30    View: 1574

Energy is the 21st century, the world"s most issues of concern, lighting, energy saving even been listed as the first issue, from the lighting point of view the road is divided into four categories, namely auto-specific, general streets, shopping streets and sidewalks, street lighting within the meaning of the general automotive-specific lighting.

Based on the importance of road lighting, Taiwan"s Industrial Technology Research Institute, residential and commercial energy-saving technologies, deputy head of the General Assembly, Dr. Li Liling in this report that the road lighting design considerations include adequate illumination, luminance uniformity, light color and pleasant, avoid glare, induced traffic, energy-saving and maintenance facilities, etc. Therefore, the performance street must be good, reliable and secure. Second, the lamps with high efficiency and utilization of good lighting, appropriate distribution light, long life, waterproof and dustproof, so as to provide safe, reliable, energy conservation, visual comfort, low light pollution and low maintenance rate. Finally, the trend decorative lamps, street lamps beautiful shape with emphasis on local cultural characteristics, and then with an appropriate degree of order, to reduce the number of poles and maintain a uniform surface of light, to reduce the set-up costs, adding beauty.

Dr. Li Liling that road lighting subject to strict requirements set global standards in road lighting and street performance standards fairly complete, clear; criteria typically includes illumination and uniformity degree (minimum illuminance / average illuminance), the International Commission on Illumination (CIE) made reference to the CIE115 specification, the road is divided into four main categories, sub-surface illumination benchmark 15,20,30 and 50Lux, homogeneity (minimum illuminance / average illuminance) requires 0.4, but based on environmental and cultural considerations, there is still a considerable gap between the national norm. Associated with the road lighting design standards; (1.) Road lighting: lamp posts norms are arranged poles from height and rod layout; (2.) Used by road lighting lamps: normative types of lights and lighting requirements; (3.) road lighting poles: standard light pole strength requirement; (4.) light source and ballast testing standards; (5.) lights with the eradication of photoelectric devices automatic point inspection.

Dr. Li Liling in the report, the confidence to announce that the rapid development of white led, light utilization and environmental protection advantages of LED streetlight technology allow rapid increase within a few years, luminous efficiency has more than 25% higher than the mercury lamps. LED light source technology in the rapid promotion within the past three years, luminous efficiency has been higher than the 100LmW, the demand for high power and high brightness of the lights in terms of, LED lamp heat is still relatively high reliability in doubt; Secondly, the lights in the security considerations, we should to meet the road surface illuminance, uniformity, glare and other demand, LED lamp with optical design techniques need to be addressed. Furthermore, LED lamps several times more expensive than conventional lamps, so in energy efficiency, performance and cost comparison of various parameters, the large international companies, the development of LED lights are conservative, but the LED lighting has the potential of energy-saving environmental protection, and the road lighting are government utilities, governments at all levels and trends of the growing emphasis on energy-saving environmental protection, the future business opportunities LED street lamp.