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City street lighting energy-saving technology

Datetime: 2014-8-30 11:13:47    View: 1932

Government "Building a conservation-oriented society" driven by national policy guidance, and as the State Development and Reform Commission and other departments to inform the implementation of "GDP energy consumption indicator communique system", the four indicators of GDP energy consumption linked with the performance evaluation of cadres throughout the country introduced a corresponding Many energy-saving policy. Local governments in 2006, the government work report, must be clear in this year"s energy-saving targets, the task is also very difficult.

Lighting energy saving, especially in urban road lighting energy conservation, is obvious breakthrough. Therefore, energy conservation in all parts of the street said that the Government agenda, and most of the government, able to think calmly, listen to expert opinion, through pilot projects, successful experience and steadily push forward. But we also found that some provincial and municipal leaders, and some too impulsive, science, saying that "the province in 2006 to complete all energy-saving lamps", or similar to a blind problem. This will give the latter part of the work of lighting energy-saving projects, bringing a serious problem.

In fact, the street lighting energy-saving technologies and programs in the country has not yet unanimously recognized success stories and experiences. Lights energy-saving work in the political and business environment of the two good, it seems that the situation in a good, but the energy-saving technologies are familiar with lighting and electricity for the engineering and technical personnel, they are deeply worried.

The following will be China"s current street lighting project technical line defects and hazards analysis and to provide intelligent Mni stepless inductance pure technical solutions continuously adjustable string, hoping to work on road lighting energy reference.

First, middle of the night lights bright lights separated control program

In the last century 70"s, United States, Japan and other countries due to rapid economic development had once led to a severe energy crisis, at that time, Japan had used bright lights across lamp control technology, that is, Shangban Ye lights all bright, late at night, compartment lights off, to achieve energy-saving.

This control method, using special wiring to achieve, but because of the power supply is a three-phase line, but to achieve 1 / 2 power control, so in any case, would lead to a serious imbalance in three-phase power transformers.

The general adoption of the more common three-phase line, separation of 4-way lighting circuits Shangban Ye 4-way full-bright, late at night break including 2-way, only 2-way power supply. Qianban Ye appeared in a similar way with two loads, late at night there is a similar no-load.

Middle of the night light control mode, the main hazards are:

1, transformer shortened life expectancy, selection difficult. Project in order to save money, power selection are often too small, transformers shortened life expectancy. Such as 4-way line, every road 50A, Qianban Ye, three-phase circuit will be a 50A, 100A, 50A, late at night will be a three-phase current of 50A, 50A, 0A, seen from above, project selection transformers, if the election 3X100A, the cost is too high, also felt wasted, if the election 3X50A, overload has emerged, generally may choose to 3X70A transformer, so that Qianban Ye, transformer overload condition in general is, fever, serious and shortened life expectancy.

2, power can not balance, threatening the security grid. Lights hanging in the high voltage transformer directly to the road in general, if a large number of street power, have adopted such an extreme imbalance in the way it is difficult to control high-voltage side of the line balance, extreme cases, will lead to network collapse.

3, the whole middle of the night, and late at night imbalance, resulting in high-voltage lamps, lamps burned severely. From the above data shows that the work can not balance the transformer, so Shangban Ye 50A of the light-load line will appear over-voltage, over-voltage up to 250 V, lamp life significantly shorter, light heat burned severely. Late at night, no-load phase, if the hanging apparatus, high pressure will occur, so that instruments easy to damage.

4, late at night when the shadow of the road up to 40 meters, there zebra effect, a security risk to the road, but also affect social order and urban image.

Compartment lamp control method is seldom used in large cities, but in prefecture-level cities and counties are more common. However, since the power shortage since 2002, in order to energy conservation, this energy-saving control method Youyi engineered ground, through the "energy saving company"s commercial" operation, re-as a "high tech" energy-saving technologies have been adopted in some areas. As far as we know, the transformation costs are not low -

Second, the traditional electromagnetic control program according to time-shift

At present, the majority of lighting energy-saving products on the market are shifting the traditional electromagnetic technology, this product about to enter the market in the second half of 2003. Which also has the company tried to use carbon brush stepless control of self-coupling, due to severe carbon brush burned, resulting in burning of the main transformer, there is no successful products. So now the products are contactors shift mode.

The main disadvantage of this product are:

1, lamps shortened life expectancy. Mid-shift, due to contactor current cut off, leading to flash-off faulty power supply, the impact of light, easy to eliminate light, burning lamp, a high rate of stalls in the energy-saving switch, the lights burning lamps eliminate the serious, line end is too low, lamp lit difficulties.

2, equipment can be easily burned. Because contrary to the basic principles of electromagnetism, switch, the impact on power grids, over-voltage transformer insulation breakdown, contactor contacts啦arc, burning contactors, transformer fire.

3, waste of energy and divert valuable resources. A considerable amount of our rare and high energy consumption of electrolytic copper and silicon steel, energy-saving work, leading to greater waste of energy and our lack of scarce resources, leading to greater environmental damage.

4, lamp voltage with the power grid voltage fluctuations and volatility, there is no regulator function.

5, due to a considerable amount of copper and silicon steel, theft, and severely damaged.

As the above problems, many of the traditional electromagnetic energy-saving products, brochures and business operations, he said that time may adjust voltage, while product sales, after often playing in a fixed stalls.

Third, the traditional fixed-step-down control program of electromagnetic

We believe that the traditional fixed-step-down electromagnetic products, with inexpensive, the advantages of long life, as long as acceptable to boot on the step-down, or there will be certain market. But the market as well as feedback from the energy-saving projects, it contrary to our expectations.

Crux of the matter: the new Hid lamp at rated voltage easy to ignite, but one or a few months after the lights are not new, and in less than the rated voltage below, igniting more difficult. Energy conservation is the need buck, once a branch lit the lamp difficult, and repeat continuous lighting in less than two each night, this light had completely destroyed!

Therefore, the fixed step-down of traditional electromagnetic products, a problem is, how much lower volts? If you drop 5 volts, there is no saving significance, if the drop of 10 volts, power-saving rate is too low, if the drop of 20 volts, it may not be able to ignite a new light soon enough, if not properly lit, burning light problems faced. Therefore, the work of the lamp life can be very short, semi-new lights have to replace the lamp for the high cost of not saving the money section.

Electromagnetic fixed Buck"s weaknesses are:

1, lamp life significantly shortened.

2, lights on the blood pressure, leading to the evening when the sun just down, traffic accidents increase.

3, due to the fixed blood pressure, no high-brightness lighting late at night, due to grid voltage is increased, but brighter lighting.

4, lamp voltage with the power grid voltage fluctuations and volatility, there is no regulator function.

5, due to a considerable amount of copper and silicon steel, theft, and severely damaged.

So, the street department is responsible for (Zhuhai Lighting Department) firmly rejected the traditional electromagnetic energy-saving products! The rest of the street department, also have similar point of view.

4, SCR phase-shifting voltage centralized control program

This technique, a home dimming of lamp technology, high-power, adopted before 2002. As the lights mandatory capacitor compensation, while the SCR can not adapt to capacitive load, so energy-saving lighting out of the market. In addition, because current and voltage harmonics serious, large-scale use in many cities expressly prohibited.

5, single-lamp voltage thyristor phase-shifted distributed control programs

Techniques used before 2002 can not meet the capacitance compensation and harmonic serious, the current prohibition on the use, at the same time, due to the heavy workload changes in the works, comprehensive transformation of the cost is very high, high failure rate, maintenance costs are high, access to markets difficult.

6, single-lamp electromagnetic voltage distributed control programs

The technology sub-category 2.

One is to retain Hid ballast, etc., plus a fixed step-down or sub-time step-down self-coupling transformer, this product is almost a "fixed electromagnetic buck / sub-file step-down" and "single lamp SCR drop pressure "of all shortcomings, the cost is very high, performance is also poor. Consume relatively large quantities of copper and silicon steel. Due to the use of construction vehicles, post-maintenance cost is very high.

The other is to remove the original Hid lamp inductance ballast, moving to a "shift ballast." Because of switch gear, in addition to causing eliminate light, high failure rate, maintenance costs are high, the new ballast costs and renovation project costs are very high.

This program, consuming a large number of copper and silicon steel, theft, and severely damaged.

7, the ideal lighting energy-saving technologies, Mni intelligent inductance!

Mni intelligent inductive technology, the ideal lighting is the world"s energy-saving technologies, is China"s independent innovation, with China"s own intellectual property rights of high-tech, the project won the national Ministry of Science and Innovation Fund support, and business service center in Zhuhai Hi-tech Zone shareholder support.

Mni intelligent inductive technology, on behalf of the development direction of the exchange of regulated power supply, consumption of copper and silicon steel products, consuming only 3% of the traditional electromagnetic This can save a lot of electrolytic copper and silicon steel smelting energy needed to save our scarce resources of copper and reduce environmental pollution. At the same time in the power control and energy-saving lighting control, but also has a technology can not compare with the traditional advantages of electromagnetic energy, truly a "people-oriented, energy-saving scenarios, dynamic energy, on-demand energy-efficient" than the traditional electromagnetic technology, energy-saving rate is higher and more be able to greatly extend the lamp life.

Mni smart inductor, providing high-quality power supply, while the conventional electromagnetic gear products and provide flash interruption of power supply, causing the load equipment, lighting fixtures, or shorten the life span. Mni can protect the lighting requirements Intelligent Inductive case of energy conservation, and traditional shifting electromagnetic products, at the expense of illumination when necessary lighting to energy-saving.

Mni Intelligent Lighting inductance energy-saving products, is designated as the China Energy Conservation Certification Center, following the "SCR phase-controlled e-Saver," "electromagnetic reactance Buck Saver" after the third category of energy-saving products, which significantly different from the market Other energy-saving lighting products. (Often people mistakenly believe that the addition of an energy-saving products)

Mni Intelligent Inductive lighting protection system, with electromagnetic technology, "adapt to all load" feature, the output pure sine wave, non-polluting electromagnetic harmonics, at the same time can not be achieved with the electromagnetic theory of "high-speed high-precision continuous voltage regulation." As the voltage is a high degree of smooth adjustment, significantly lower "half-aging HID lamps," the flame voltage lights inside the arc is more stable, step-down energy-saving more space, a higher saving rate, compared with the electromagnetic means to better protect the lamps and a great to extend the lamp life.