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  • Datetime: 2014-8-30  View: 1575
    Energy is the 21st century, the world"s most issues of concern, lighting, energy saving even been listed as the first issue, from the lighting point of view the road is divided into four categories...
  • Datetime: 2014-8-30  View: 1371
    In recent days, from Dongguan Kingsun Optoelectronic Co., Ltd. and Chengdu ZHONG Shun Technology Development Co., Ltd. jointly built Dazu County, Chongqing City, Yingbin Avenue, high-power LED stre...
  • Datetime: 2014-8-30  View: 1933
    Government "Building a conservation-oriented society" driven by national policy guidance, and as the State Development and Reform Commission and other departments to inform the implementation of "G...
  • Datetime: 2014-8-30  View: 1359
    LED (light-emitting Aurora) applications can be said everywhere. As a semiconductor light-emitting materials, compared with other luminous materials, LED with its green, efficient, reliable, durabl...
  • Datetime: 2014-8-30  View: 977
    NDRC Energy Research Institute recently held in Beijing, the best energy saving practices in the case conference, highlighting the energy-saving LED lighting technology in the lights on the applica...